Last week we received some good news from the EPA about Pebble Mine, however there is still a long way to go to before Bristol Bay is protected.


Dear Governor Walker, Senator Murkowski, Senator Sullivan, and Representative Young, 

In 2017, close to 26,000 Alaskans, hundreds of businesses, and roughly a million Americans took the time to support safeguards for Bristol Bay in individual comments to the EPA. As you well know, the Bristol Bay fishery sustains 14,000 jobs, some of the world’s last salmon-based indigenous cultures, and a thriving fishing economy. A record number of Alaskans realize that the science is clear and Pebble Mine puts all of this at risk.

Pebble backers have recently filed permit applications in order to take advantage of a sweetheart settlement between their foreign CEO and the government. 

With respect to Bristol Bay and Pebble Mine, please look at the big picture, consider all the impacts associated with the Pebble Mine now and far into the future and put the interests of those who depend on Bristol Bay’s incomparable wild salmon fishery first. Specifically, please ensure Pebble is held to the highest standards of review and scrutiny possible. Bristol Bay is too important for anything less.

It should not be ok to grant a special favor to a foreign company at the expense of Alaskans. We demand you listen to the majority of your constituents, not a foreign mining company who has lied for years. You must do everything within your power to ensure that a fair and balanced, rigorous, and science-based process is implemented. Bristol Bay deserves nothing less.