Office of Senator Lisa Murkowski

510 L St.
Suite 600
Anchorage, AK 99501


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Alaska District

645 G St.
Suite 100-921
Anchorage, AK 99501
Re: POA 2017-271

Dear Sen. Murkowski,     


The Army Corps of Engineers' process to permit the Pebble Mine has been rushed and is inadequate. Alaskans, as well as other Americans, have not had a chance to meaningfully weigh-in on a project that will put our economy, jobs and culture at risk.  For more than a dozen years, Alaskans have expressed their concerns about this mine and a majority of our state’s residents oppose this mine.  


Please do your job and represent the best interests of the people of Alaska by halting this flawed process and ensuring Pebble does not get a permit to build their mine.  In the short term, the public comment period for this permit must be extended to allow for robust participation by all concerned stakeholders.   


Alaska's Bristol Bay region is home to world-class fisheries that support thousands of American jobs, and boasts one of the last thriving economies fueled by wild salmon. Scientific analysis has proven that the plan presented by Pebble poses significant and unacceptable risk to the fish, water, and fish-based industries of the region. It also has the potential to destroy the indigenous cultures in Bristol Bay that are inextricably linked to wild salmon.


Please stand up for the best interests of Alaskans, not a mining company that has misled Alaskans, and left a trail of unfulfilled promises for more than a decade. Pebble Limited Partnership continually touts a mine plan with a smaller footprint to Alaskans while talking with investors about the potential to mine the full deposit.  


Bristol Bay deserves the highest standards of public review and meaningful evaluation of any project that puts this valuable region at risk, especially one as large and risky as the Pebble Mine.  The reasonable and responsible path ahead is to stop this flawed review process.  I want to see you use your influence and leadership to stand up for Alaskans and stop this process, not stand aside and watch as the Pebble Partnership blazes a path to build their mine, at the expense of Alaskans.